Shin Megami Tensei IV battles and exploration shown

5+ minutes of gameplay video!

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The storyboard-ish introduction for this new Shin Megami Tensei IV trailer didn’t do much me, but the gameplay shown in the latest Nintendo Direct Japan broadcast more than made up for that. 

Check out the way demons are summoned in the game footage. This game is looking so good! Overworld exploration for this upcoming 3DS RPG from Atlus takes place in third-person adventure view, which will be a nice break from the first-person battling. Speaking of, the battle system is shown in detail — I love how everything is spread between the two screens, even demon discussion. You’ll also see tons of new demons — Iwata says 400 types will be featured in the game.

I can’t wait. Let us know, Atlus.

Oh, and check out the Japanese box art in our gallery.

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