Cute Shantae statue pre-orders live at Limited Run Games

shantae statue limited run pre-order

You gotta dust her the right way

It has been 20 years since everybody’s favorite Half-Genie Hero sashayed her way onto the Game Boy Color and into our hearts. From Pirate’s Curses, to Risky’s Revenges and even Seven Sirens, there’s no denying that the magical gal and her fellow Scuttle Island denizens rank among the most likable, cheerful, and enduring characters of modern gaming.

To celebrate her 20th anniversary, boutique outlet Limited Run Games has opened pre-orders on this delightful statue. The figurine stands around 10 inches tall, (including the base), and spotlights shapeshifting adventurer in her classic genie garb and posed coyly at the viewer. There is no pajama Shantae variant, but we can’t have everything.

shantae statue pre-order wayforward

As a fun addition, anybody who has been collecting the ongoing range of acrylic character standees will find that, once they are inserted into the base, that the statue lights up Shantae in all of her glory. It should be clearly stated that the acrylic figures are previous sale items and are NOT automatically included with the statue. An additional set of acrylics — depicting five Shantae game covers — are available in a bundle.

If you fancy a Shantae statue of your very own — and who wouldn’t? — then she is available to pre-order now over at the official Limited Run Games store. The statue is $134.99 USD or $159.99 with the acrylic bundle, (not including shipping or any potential customs charges). Pre-orders will close on August 28, with the statue expected to ship in 2023.

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