Sephiroth is getting his Kingdom Hearts outfit in Dissidia Final Fantasy

New Final Fantasy II stage too!

It may be a fool’s errand to write about small updates to a Japanese arcade game but, like writing “Mrs. Antonio Banderas” in my middle school dream journal, I write this hoping I’ll get my hands on it in the future. Anyway, shown off during a Dissidia Final Fantasy live stream (and spotted by KH13), Square Enix revealed that Sephiroth is getting his outfit from his brief boss fight in Kingdom Hearts (much like in Duodecim 012‘s DLC)You can see him in action at the 36:55 mark..

Also of note is a new stage based on Final Fantasy II called “Pandaemonium.” It’ll be updated into the arcade release on the 16th. Thankfully it looks different from the version of it in the PSP titles. 

Boy, do I want this to get a home console release soon. Make it happen and take all my money, Square Enix. 

A Kingdom Hearts version of Sephiroth has been revealed for Dissidia Final Fantasy [KH13] 

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