Senran Kagura: Schoolgirls and boobs unite the world

At first glance, Senran Kagura may look like yet another borderline-pedophile fantasy from the depths of a Japanese subculture’s disturbing preoccupation with “youth”, but according to producer Kenichiro Takaki, it’s not.

In fact, he claims the entire world loves what Kagura offers — ninjas, boobs, and … schoolgirls.

“Ninjas, sushi, schoolgirls, samurai, and boobs. These are the things that cross all borders, and tie us together,” he said. “But really, this isn’t just a game about sexy aesthetic. Senran Kagura is a really fun hack ‘n slash action game — don’t forget it!”

Sounds great … y’know, apart from the bit where children have massive breasts.  

Oh, So That’s Why Senran Kagura Has International Appeal [Siliconera]

James Stephanie Sterling