Second trailer for Tomb Raider movie expands on the plot

Now I’ll have Destiny’s Child stuck in my head all day

When the first trailer for Tomb Raider hit I was, shall we say, less than enthusiastic about it. While the film does star the awesome Alicia Vikander it also looked kind of like a hot mess of scenes from the game clumsily stuck together. Now, that can all be down to trailer editing, but it wasn’t too reassuring.

I’m not so sure I’m all that reassured this time around either. The second trailer opens up the plot a lot by telling us about Trinity and their quest to do evil things. I actually really dug this storyline in both the games, but in a movie it’s just not working for me. Maybe I’m more accepting of cliche when there’s fun gameplay to cover it up. Nothing feels all that special about this story in film form. Why rehash the plot of the game anyway? It was already cinematic enough on its own.

I’m hoping for something enjoyable out of the Tomb Raider movie, but I’m just not seeing it yet in these trailers.

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