Scraps: Fangs for the memories (7/25/08)

Fangs. Vampires and bears have them. Avril Lavigne also, apparently, has them. But not for long.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter, best known for terrorizing the Burnout Paradise soundtrack with her single “Girlfriend,” is reportedly a bit fang-shy. So much so that she plans on having considerable dental work done to de-fang herself. Hell, is there a procedure I can get done that would give me fangs?

  • Peter Moore thought E3 didn’t have enough booth babes. That is what he means when he calls it “soulless,” right? [GamePolitics
  • Igarashi considering an 8-bit-style Castlevania game. If this is anything like him saying “I have ideas for a Castlevania game for the Wii” and then Konami announcing it less than a month later, this means we’ll see one by Holiday ’08. [Nintendic]
  • EA is thinking about making a cricket game, which I can’t imagine being very exciting. I mean, out of all the insects you’d make a game abou — oh, the sport! [Vooks]
  • More things than guns are going to be banging in Sega’s Alpha Protocol. [CVG]
  • Alone in the Dark finally coming to PS3s in November. We hope that’s enough time for them to make it better than the 360 version. [Eurogamer]
  • Mike Patton yaps about his voice work in videogames, is one musician who doesn’t completely s**t all over Rock Band/Guitar Hero, despite his being absolutely terrible at them. [Onion AV Club]

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