Looks like Scorn has been pushed back to 2022

A quiet delay for the H.R. Giger-inspired horror game

The creepy Giger-like horror game Scorn seems to be taking a little bit longer to launch. A new press release currently places it in 2022, rather than 2021.

Kepler Interactive, a new “super-developer” group, announced its founding members today. This includes Sifu developer Sloclap, Tchi developer Awaceb, and Ebb Software, which is working on Scorn. The group is essentially a co-owned publisher for its various developers, led by an executive team made up of the Kowloon Nights founders.

In a press release about Kepler Interactive, the supergroup details its upcoming 2022 slate. And it looks like it’s quietly confirming that Scorn, previously targeting a 2021 launch, will now be aiming for next year, 2022.

“The 2022 slate includes hotly anticipated titles such as Sloclap’s Sifu, Ebb Software’s Scorn, Awaceb’s Tchia, Alpha Channel’s Tankhead and an unannounced title by A44,” the release states.

Scorn has been on our radar for a bit here, with its fleshy horror standing out every time it pops up during a showcase or for an extended preview. It’s been around for a little while, and it looks like those hoping for some skin-crawling H.R. Giger-inspired horror game might be waiting a little longer. We haven’t seen any statement from Ebb Software on it yet, though the Scorn account on Twitter did retweet the Kepler press release.

In the same release though, Kepler Interactive says it has plans for the future to welcome more partner studios and expand into “cross-platform content production,” including film and other media. Does that mean super-freaky Scorn film? Who knows. But we will keep an eye on this one for some scares in what’s looking like next year.

Eric Van Allen