Scorn looks like a nasty slow burn in this Xbox Series X gameplay

This game is… moist

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15 seconds into this Xbox Series X gameplay preview for Scorn, I let out a loud “what is that?!”

This goes without saying if you’ve been following Ebb Software’s fleshy horror game over the past four-plus years, but that was far from the only time I reacted vocally to something grotesque. This first-person adventure isn’t H.R. Giger-inspired so much as it is a fervent tribute to the late, great artist.

Even though you’ll have an eXistenZ-approved gun in Scorn, this is a more methodical, slow-going, exploration-driven experience (at least based on this 13-minute preview). It might not seem super riveting right now, but I’m open to it – and I think it’ll feel far better when we’re in control and we’re the ones risking our necks in this nightmare realm. A guided tour on YouTube isn’t the same.

Whether this is your particular brand of horror or not, Scorn is going to be accessible to a big pool of players in the Xbox Game Pass library. The latest word on the PC and console release date? 2021.

Some of these corridors low-key remind me of Prey. I really dug Prey, and I still do.

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