Scan this code for some quick My Nintendo Platinum for physical rewards

Normally found on the Switch news reel

If you’re anything like me, your Switch news feed is a complete mess.

I have multiple accounts from multiple regions logged in, which displays news from all over the world in an extremely spammy fashion. Not exactly conducive for finding the needle-in-a-haystack QR code that’s needed to net 100 Platinum Points, and clear a new Mario mission!

Or, you can just grab your phone and scan the QR code below that we found for you. It’ll queue up a browser page that will complete the mission (if you’re logged in) and net you the points. Easy! If you want to look for it yourself, you can also get a glimpse at what to find below.

If you use My Nintendo, scanning this code is two-fold in terms of rewards. You’re getting the aforementioned platinum for rewards, as I mentioned earlier, and you’re completing one Mario mission. Remember, you need 14 of them (and the “buy Bowser’s Fury” mission) to get the new pin set.

As a reminder, we have a comprehensive guide for earning points (that’s been recently updated) here.

Chris Carter
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