Samurai Warriors Chronicles gets online co-op, DLC

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First Strikeforce, then Dynasty Warriors 7, and now Samurai Warriors Chronicles. It seems Tecmo Koei is intent on dragging its Warriors series into the modern day, with online co-op modes becoming more regular. Chronicles is the latest to get it, bringing some two-player fun to the Nintendo 3DS.

In Chronicles, you strategically position four characters on a map and can switch between them at any time. It’s not yet clear if the second player will simply have access to one of the four characters, or bring a whole new team to the game. We do know, however, that co-op battles will be more difficult, and yield superior in-game rewards.

In addition to co-op, extra stages will be available as downloadable content, and you can even use StreetPass to indulge in some PvP multiplayer. 

I’ve been a little skeptical about this entry to the Warriors franchise, but I love what I’m hearing here. Looks like this could be a good one. 

Samurai Warriors Chronicle – overview sheet [GoNintendo]

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