Rumortoid: White Knight Story gets a Japanese date of December 11

A few days ago we heard that White Knight Story was not dead, and pointed you to a Web page update that promise “the day of awakening is coming soon.” “Soon” might be even sooner than we thought.

Famitsu is a pretty reliable source, right? According to Kotaku, they say that White Knight Story will finally get a release date in Japan: December 11. The only downside to this rumor is that it is a rumor of news we haven’t seen with our own eyes. In other words, we haven’t seen these Famitsu scans yet. 

Yes, we’re a quailty news source! For now, enjoy a completely unrelated magazine scan.

[I AM ERROR: Thank God for Destructoid reader and all-around wonderful guy bryc, who saved the internet from this potentially diasterous blog rumor! Kotaku has set the story straight with actual magazine scans… which do not give a release date. But this still does not answer our Ashley questions.]

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