Rumor: Destiny 2 arrives in September, will have a beta

Poster from an Italian retailer possibly spills the beans

While we wait for the original Destiny to die with drip-fed announcements of rehashed raids (which is actually kind of cool, but hella late), Destiny 2 is just around the corner. Or at least, based on everything we know so far it’s slated to release later this year, including a recent leak from an Italian retailer.

According to his poster, Destiny 2 will launch on September 8, and will have a beta associated with it, just like the original did. Pre-ordering may guarantee you a spot in said beta at certain retailers, we aren’t sure yet.

I think it’s obvious that Activision is saving this for E3. While Destiny has had a bumpy ride since launch it also has a diehard fanbase of millions, so there’s a chance it’ll be one of the biggest announcements of the year. Plus, there’s a chance Bungie could have learned from its mistakes, and will rectify them in the sequel. The fact that there’s no longer previous generation versions to bog it down helps, and if it somehow takes advantage of the Pro and the Scorpio down the line it could get even more prepared for a long haul approach.

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