Robomodo shows you how to actually play Tony Hawk Ride

Hey, you’re doing it wrong!

Developer Robomodo thinks that maybe you don’t know how to play its game, Tony Hawk Ride. The Chicago-based developer has put a slew of “how-to” videos on its official YouTube account, including such gems as “Navigation” and “Basic Grinds.”

In my recent review, I found the game and accompanying board to be frustrating to use and non-responsive. In short, I didn’t have much fun. After dumping hours into the game and receiving little to no rewards, I doubt I’ll go back, even though I appreciate Robomodo’s assistance.

But with many of you potentially getting this game for Christmas (I’ve seen more than one parent picking this up at Target and Walmart), you might benefit from a little extracurricular help.

RobomodoGOGOGO’s Channel [YouTube via GoNintendo]

Nick Chester