River City Girls 2 shows off chaotic four-player co-op carnage

river city girls 2 four player villains trailer

And the gorgeous and deadly Sabuko returns

Developer WayForward has released a brand new trailer for its upcoming release River City Girls 2, which not only introduces us to the narrative’s wretched hive of villainy, but also debuts the brawler sequel’s chaotic, knuckle-dustin’ four-player co-op action.

River City Girls 2 will see schoolyard superheroes Kyoko and Misako take to the streets of gaming’s most violent town in order to, once again, serve up their own brand of dopey, two-fisted justice. Standing in their way are a slew of familiar and not-so-familiar faces, including returning gangland boss Sabuko, her obnoxious step-brother Ken, (which die-hard fans will remember from River City Girls Zero), and River City’s most hated antagonist — the sibling’s murderous father Sabu.

Fortunately, our hometown heroes will not be charging into battle alone. Not only will Kyoko and Misako be aided by long-time Kunio-kun protagonists Kunio and Riki, but Double Dragon‘s Marian and River City Underground‘s Provie will also be stepping up to the plate, bringing their own unique, hard-hitting combat styles. The trailer debuts RCG 2‘s four-player co-op action, which will help the River City Girls even the odds further against armies of bullies, street criminals, gangsters, and other dangerous roustabouts that stand in the way of street justice. Put up yer dukes…

River City Girls 2 will launch later this year on PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. Be sure to check out our previous write-ups on both River City Girls and River City Girls Zero, as well as our interviews with director Adam Tierney, and awesome composer Megan McDuffee. For an exclusive look at the new sequel, check out this feature over on *checks notes* IGN.

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