RetroforceGO! Episode 32: Shmups

Welcome back to another Monday! As you’re reading this, I’m passed out from a long night of reminiscing about old shooter games and countless hours of sound editing. Thankfully, due in large part to the magic of the Internet, my complete lack of consciousnesses won’t keep you from enjoying the latest episode of RetroforceGO! Can you all say “Thank you Internet?”

I knew you could.


  • This show is almost two hours long, but it’s spoiler free
  •  How many dolphins this week? That’s right, five
  • BEST WEEK EVAR!! x 2 = The Week of WIN
  • Shirtless Chad? Be still my heart
  • “Gracial fortwess”
  • Omega 5, ’nuff said
  • Rev writes the best letters
  • Shmup time!
  • Please hold for Colette’s Retro Fashion Moment
  • Heed my call, dear lord Topher
  • What the f*ck is Toho?!
  • Cute-em-ups is a cool word

Still with us? Good. I’ll be awake in an hour or so, so please throw down some lovely comments in the comments section so I can enjoy your opinions as I  enjoy my first glass of Diet Pepsi and a bowl of Lucky Charms — breakfast of champions, I tell ya’. To get a hold of the show, check out our sexy link right here and if you have any suggestions, praise, criticism, or topic ideas; please email the crew here. (FYI, criticism will probably be ignored unless written in haiku form.)

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