Retailer lists Pikmin 3DS game (update)

We’ve waited roughly eight thousand years for more news on the fabled Pikmin 3, but if a retailer’s mysterious listing is to be believed, we may be getting a different flavor of miniature mayhem, with a 3DS version of the critically beloved game. 

Online UK retailer The Hut lists Pikmin 3DS for an already reduced price of £34.93. Whether this is an all-new game or a remake remains to be seen. Hell, we don’t even know if this actually exists, so maybe we shouldn’t be speculating as to the form it’ll take just yet. 

Oh, to hell with it … let’s get speculating!

[Update: The Hut has responded to Eurogamer, saying the listing was “in error.” That sucks. Of course, it is still odd that a random Pikmin thing was listed, so there might some news about the franchise to come. Or there might now. Who knows, eh?]

James Stephanie Sterling