Results for the first ever Dtoid Smash Bros. tournament

A new one starts soon!

Our first ever Super Smash Bros. for Wii U online tournament just ended and the results are in and we have a tie! Congratulations to Edgar (NNID MexiBoy51) and Jaydubious (NNID Jaydubious) both having 9 wins. Also an honorable mention goes to third place coming in with eight wins Jed (NNID DimmuJed) (me!), as I’m not pushover at competitive Smash Bros..

I know a lot of you missed out on the previous tournament, so we are changing this one up a bit. To join look for the tournament called under Tourney ID 58072273828685 and enter password Dtoid. The tournament is limited to 100 participants, and you can participate in up to 25 battles per day. 

8 minutes
3 Stock
No items
Sudden Death off
Mii Fighters on
Custom Fighters on (please don’t use equipment) 
Most wins at the end of the tournament is the champion 

The tournament officially starts 8/3 at 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT and ends 8/9 at 8:00pm ET / 5:00pm PT. You can sign up right away to guarantee yourself a spot!

And as always, no Johns.

Jed Whitaker