Resident Evil Revelations lets you sort of move and shoot

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You may recall an earlier post about how the Resident Evil games on the 3DS will allow you to move and shoot. I was none too pleased about the news. To me, the controls of the Resident Evil series are big part of what makes the games so special. I know some people think that Resident Evil has “bad” controls, but “bad” and “limiting” are not the same thing.

It looks like Capcom still knows that the “negative space” in a game’s control scheme can be important. Though you will be able to “strafe” and shoot at the same time in Resident Evil Revelations, you’ll only be able to do so with limitations. It sounds like you’ll only be able to strafe with a certain degree of mobility, and you wont be able to change where you’re aiming while strafing. I think there’s a lot of potential there. It’s different than prior Resident Evil games, but done right, those controls could work to make the series even more dis-empowering and tense.

There are some other cool details revealed here, like the inclusion of rats and “flying things” as enemies, and the fact that whatever humanoids you’re fighting against this time have many zombie-like traits; including a slow shuffling gate, and my favorite — cannibalism.

This game is sounding more and more like the game that I wish that Resident Evil 5 had been. I can’t wait to play it.

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