Resident Evil 7 won’t feature microtransactions

What aren’t you buying?!

Capcom has long been a stalwart of frivolous DLC, but it looks like Resident Evil 7 will be skipping out on such practices. Announced today through Twitter, RE7 will feature pre-order bonuses, but no microtransactions.

A few new screenshots were also shared from the game. Capcom wrote a tweet about the “Baker” family and their grotesque practices. I think it’s nice to see other humanoid figures in the game; it wouldn’t feel like Resident Evil without corny villains.

This follows news from yesterday that the game will have full functionality with the PS4 Pro. Resident Evil 7 will make use of HDR and Sony’s 4K upscaler, in addition to having PlayStation VR support. It seems Sony is pulling out all the big guns to get gamers on their platform for this.

Resident Evil [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.