Reserve Punch-Out!! from Target and get a poster

In the shortest press release ever given to us, we were informed that Target has a pre-order deal for Punch-Out!!. Anyone willing to jump on the Little Mac bandwagon and reserve a copy of the game from Target’s Web site will get a free promotional poster with their purchase. Nifty.

For comparison’s sake, we check out GameStop. The retail giant is currently offering nothing for those who reserve.

We haven’t the slightest idea what the poster looks like, however, the promotional poster for the promotion looks quite snazzy. Also, it’s quite obvious that Little Mac injects. Those abs are out of control. 

MEDIA ALERT Will Have Exclusive Punch-Out!! Poster

Punch-Out!! for the Wii is just around the corner and has an exclusive offer. Those who purchase Punch-Out!! for the Wii at will receive an exclusive limited edition Punch-Out!! poster when the game is released on May 18. Hurry, supplies are limited.


Brad BradNicholson