Remember ‘No Mai, No Buy?’ Check her out in Dead or Alive 5

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“No Mai, No Buy” was one of the catchiest protest slogans in recent memory.

For those of you who don’t play fighting games (or blocked out the year 2010), it was in reference to King of Fighters XII — a game that look fantastic with its hand-drawn pixel art, but was lacking in many areas when it came to content. That included the omission of several iconic characters in SNK history, like Mai Shiranui. It wasn’t so much about just Mai was it was a statement about XII itself, and it was likely heard loud and clear — when SNK got around to XIII they managed to fix most of its predecessors problems.

So enough with the history lesson, and enjoy Mai’s appearance in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. She’ll hit the game on September 13. It’s a nice move for fans for sure, but I couldn’t think of a fighting game series I’m less interested in at the moment than DOA (and I play weird esoteric stuff like Koihime Enbu).

Chris Carter
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