Redfall will have crossplay support for all platforms and stores

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Vampire Night

Arkane Austin has confirmed that its upcoming multiplayer shooter Redfall will support crossplay on all platforms and across all stores — This will allow monster hunters on Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass to rock out together, including PC players on both Steam and Epic Games Store.

The “all-in” crossplay support is a no-brainer for the multiplayer-driven title, and will allow for a larger shared player community which can only help to grow and prolong the life of Redfall and its nefarious nocturnal activities. Up to four players step into the uniquely talented roles of four uber-hip characters, before heading into the titular Massachusetts town in order to purge it of an army of unholy creatures.

Originally revealed back in the summer of 2021, Redfall would ultimately miss its intended 2022 release date, but is now pretty much cemented to arrive in just a couple of months’ time. While a lack of an open beta or demo leaves us with nothing but the title’s atmospheric trailers to go on, we can expect a Left 4 Dead/Back 4 Blood style team shooter, with parties of players harnessing wild weapons and bespoke otherworldly abilities to put the legions of the undead back in the cold, cold ground.

Redfall launches May 2 on Xbox Series X, PC, and the Xbox Game Pass service.

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