Redfall trailer introduces you to its vampire-filled city streets

redfall arkane bethesda trailer

A nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t wanna die there

Bethesda Softworks, in association with developer Arkane Studios, has dropped a fresh trailer for its upcoming co-op shooter Redfall, which remains currently in development for PC and Xbox Series X.

The video focuses on both the titular monster-ridden city, as well as the posse of protagonists bringing their superheroic ways to the blood-soaked streets — aiming to clean the city of vampires, zombies, and other unholy creatures of the undead. In the preview, we meet inventor Remi De La Rosa, hunter extraordinaire Devinder Crousley, the trigger-happy Jacob Boyer, and the telepath Layla Ellison, all of whom sound as if they were named by NXT development.

Blending seamless single and multiplayer options, Redfall will allow players to choose and customize their character as best fits the battle, making adjustments for loadouts, skills, and special abilities. By forming strong, synergized builds with your fellow teammates, the four heroes will offer a threat to the huge number of bad beasties that wait within the parks, buildings, restaurants, and tourist traps of this once quaint community.

With large open-world areas, a dazzling array of makeshift weaponry, and oodles of style and charisma, Redfall hopes to capture the co-op horror market on release, offering an alternate to some of the team-shooter titles currently available in the genre. While the development team was unfortunately forced to delay the title to allow for extra polish to the “ambitious” release, Redfall is now expected to launch in early 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X.

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