Red Steel 2: set in the desert, WiiMotion Plus support

The original Wii sword and gun game is making a comeback for the holiday season of 2009 with Ubisoft’s announcement of Red Steel 2.

Set in a high-tech desert city, this Ubisoft Paris-devleoped game will use Nintendo’s new add-on, the WiiMotion Plus. This will be Ubisoft’s first title with support for the device. It is said that even your swing strength will be sensed, with the “emphasis on swinging, shooting and fun.”

Red Steel was a unique opportunity for Ubisoft to work in tandem with Nintendo to create a title exclusively for the launch of the Wii console,” said Tony Key, senior vice president of sales and marketing US at Ubisoft. “Red Steel 2 is another milestone for the company as it is the first Ubisoft title with full Wii MotionPlus integration.”

In case you already haven’t heard, more Red Steel 2 details will be revealed in the June issue of Nintendo Power. For now, you can look at the only image they sent us today in our gallery below. It’s a sword in the dirt. Great.

How do you think this will turn out? Is this something you’re looking forward to?

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