Red Hood is back with a vengeance in Gotham Knights

gotham knights red hood trailer

Locked ‘n’ Loaded

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Warner Bros. Games has released another character trailer for its upcoming open-world actioner Gotham Knights. Following on from previous showcases on Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl, this new trailer takes a look at the brutal, no-nonsense, gun-toting style of perhaps Gotham’s most dangerous vigilante, Red Hood.

As a former Robin and close confidant of The Dark Knight himself, Jason Todd learned his master’s ways in the art of close combat, stealth tactics, and precise detective work. However, following his death at the hands of The Joker and subsequent resurrection in the Lazarus Pit, Todd returned with a much shorter fuse, a deeper hatred of criminality, and an immensely more brutal approach to the concept of crime-fighting. While still a staunch ally of The Bat Family, Todd typically walks alone, perpetually on the razor-thin line of becoming the very thing he hates most.

Lacking the finesse of his Gotham Knights brethren, Red Hood brings core strength and ranged dominance to the party, taking down foes with bone-breaking close-quarters-combat and an array of firearms-based abilities. What he lacks in grace, Todd makes up for in raw power and earnest brutality. Unequipped with grapple abilities, Todd is able to traverse the high points of the city via air-bending skills powered by his trip to the Lazarus Pit. When the acrobatics of Nightwing or the precision of Batgirl cannot get the job done, Red Hood is here as your Mack Truck — the Knights’ terrifying battering ram.

Hilariously, we are assured Todd is “non-lethal” in Gotham Knights, despite his rat-a-tat-tat actions.

Gotham Knights launches October 25 on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

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