Recent Nintendo classics are finally heavily discounted on Amazon

And even cheaper with Prime

Nintendo games can be something of a double-edged sword. Having been developed by Nintendo, they’re usually very good. But, Nintendo also has a habit of rarely discounting its titles. That means you’re going to have to pay for quality, even years down the road.

The one shining beacon is the Nintendo Selects program, which basically ushers a handful of recent classics into a permanently reduced-price. That’s happening next week, and all those games just went up on Amazon for pre-order.

Every game listed here has the price point of $19.99 and releases on March 11. What’s more, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, they’re all marked down to $15.99. The discount shows up once you get through to the checkout page. Finally, some of Nintendo’s best at an affordable price.

Wii U:



Nintendo Selects [Amazon]

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