Rainbow Six Siege is getting a limited-time cooperative PvE mode called Outbreak

Siege meets The Division?

Ahead of the start to Rainbow Six Siege‘s third year, Ubisoft has revealed something that feels very different. It’s a new mode called “Outbreak” and it’s not exactly about acting as a counter-terrorism unit. It looks more like it’s about being a counter-zombie unit.

Outbreak, as Ubisoft explains it, is a four-week three-player cooperative mode that has players fighting a mysterious infestation in the town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. (Ubisoft’s not to blame for the dumb name; Truth or Consequences is a real town. It’s also where former WWE persona Cactus Jack is billed as being from.) That infestation has everyone quarantined inside buildings, lest they risk spreading the epidemic. At a glance, it seems very much like Rainbow Six Siege meets The Division.

This is a limited-time event, and most people probably won’t find their ultimate goal in containing the outbreak. Rather, there’s a new set of 50 cosmetic items that are attached to Outbreak Packs. These packs cost 300 credits each, and players get four packs the first time they log into the new mode. Ubisoft also promises that each pack contains a unique item and that there are no duplicates.

We’ll have definitive answers on what exactly Outbreak is in just a few weeks. Ubisoft has a full reveal planned for the Six Invitational which begins on February 13. 

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