Rainbow Six Siege crew transform into unnerving puppets for ‘Sugar Fright’ Halloween event

Welcome to my Nightmare

Every Halloween, Ubisoft’s multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege likes to get into the spirit of the season with strange and usually horrific in-game events. But seeing as 2020 is a truly maniacal year, Siege‘s new event, “Sugar Fright,” is taking a particularly weird turn.

Beginning tomorrow, October 27, Sugar Fright is set within the head of Canadian operator Frost, as her subconscious whisks the R6 trapper away to a dream-scape world of “candy and death.” Here, four operators battle it out in new a Deathmatch-style mode, “Candy War” which includes re-spawn abilities (a first for the notoriously punishing shooter), and the caramel-coated goal of gathering as much candy as possible before the time limit expires.

Oh, and also, everyone is now a freaky-ass bug-eyed puppet.

Yes, for a little added weirdness, a selection of operators – including Ela, Castle, Pulse, I.Q. Goyo, Zofia, and Frost herself are now stylized with Muppet-style heads, a nightmarish vision that has to be seen to be believed. These looks, along with new, candy-based weapon skins, can be unlocked in limited-time Sugar Fright packs – which are earned in-game or purchased at a cost of 300 R6 Credits/125,000 Renown each.

The Sugar Fright event will end on November 10, so be sure to satisfy that sweet tooth while you can.

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