Sony PSP releases R-Type Tactics I & II to receive remakes

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Pit your wits against The Bydo Empire

During last week’s Granzella Gathering stream, the developer announced that two pint-sized strategy titles will be receiving full remakes in the near future. R-Type Tactics and its sequel, R-Type Tactics II, are to be refashioned and re-released as a singular remake title for as-yet-unannounced platforms.

R-Type Tactics (also known in the west as R-Type Command) blasted off into the stars back in 2007, reimagining the legendary arcade shmup series as a turn-based strategy title. Players controlled both the forcers of Earth and the nefarious Bydo Empire across two individual campaigns, utilizing iconic vessels, enemies, and boss characters from the R-Type series to win the day.

In a novel bit of design, R-Type Tactics retained the typical R-Type 2D side-scrolling style, despite the gameplay overhaul. Players could also fight it out amongst themselves in online multiplayer battles. R-Type Tactics would be followed by a 2009 sequel, the marvelously titled R-Type Tactics II: Operation Bitter Chocolate — though this entry would remain confined to the shores of Japan.

Granzella offered little information about the new R-Type Tactics remake, so we are yet to receive a release date, price, platform information, or confirmation of a western release. The publisher did announce that players can expect new and revamped content, so it’s mostly good news for R-Type fans. Hopefully we’ll have further deets on these cult hits very soon.

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