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Good old, always reminding us that nostalgia is bloody awesome. Anyone not serving at Her Majesty’s pleasure or incarcerated in an insane asylum (or a place with no internet, same difference) can now hop on over to the site and download Quest for Glory 1-5. I say can, but I mean must. For those of you who haven’t enjoyed Quest for Glory for reasons such as being born at the wrong time, or having shockingly bad taste in games, it’s one of the greatest adventure series of all time, where you traverse five massive realms, fighting monsters, solving puzzles and adventuring your little heart out. 

Long before BioWare was letting you import your heroes from one game to the next, Quest for Glory did it. Your thief, warrior or mage just keeps on trucking for five games. The collection will set you back a measly $9.99 and the only excuse for you not getting it is poverty (and I don’t mean the kind where you can only afford Ramen noodles, I’m talking starvation here) or if you already have them. In that case, good show.

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