PSTriple takes half off, Sony finally starts to smile again

Following its usual pattern of having glimmers of good news interspersed within bad news comes word that Sony has finally managed to make a significant reduction in the production costs of the PlayStation 3 — halving it, to be exact.

In a report brought to light by BusinessWeek, Sony has been able to bring the costs down for making a PS3 to around $400. Still not exactly what I’d term a money maker at this point, but by far better than the $800 they were dealing with before. Now for the bad news I alluded to. Analysts still see Sony’s game division hemorrhaging money: Nikko Citigroup’s Kota Ezawa estimates they will lose $1.4 billion this fiscal year, following last year’s $2.1 billion loss. If there’s any silver lining to be found, at least it’s projected to be less of a loss than last time.

With Blu-ray looking more and more like the potential winner of the soon to be defunct format wars and the PS3 starting to find its legs thanks to a few great games that can only be found on its console, the big black box that couldn’t is poised to show that just maybe, it can. Surely everybody and their brother have a Wii by now.

[Via Thunderbolt –Thanks, Jonathan]

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