PSPgo hacked, can run Lumines now

Most sane people now admit that the PSPgo was a stupid idea, not least for the fact that it cost more than a regular PSP, but could play less games. If a certain PSP game, like Lumines, isn’t on the PlayStation Network, then the PSPgo can’t run it … until now. 

The PSPgo has finally been hacked, allowing it to load game ISOs and thus welcome UMD-only games that never went digital. Of course, the catch is that this is 100% unofficial and clearly steps into dodgy legal territory. The coders who created the exploit call it a “Homebrew Enabler” which is basically like a 1930’s speakeasy calling itself a “Gentlemen’s Club.” 

A fellow called “Liquidzigong” took this “Homebrew Enabler” and used it to run the Prometheus ISO Loader, which will liberate your games from their plastic UMD prisons. And we mean your games with emphasis on the your, because we wouldn’t ever endorse piracy despite the fact that publishers clearly don’t want PSPgo owners to buy certain games. 

You can check out a video below, which tells you how to load up Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Man, what a world we live in, where somebody can actually play all the games available for his expensive electronics.

PSPGo Hacked – ISOLoader Successfully Installed [Zero Paid]

Jim Sterling