PSO 2: New Genesis fully reveals the Braver class

New Genesis Braver

The New Genesis Braver is out on August 4

So PSO 2: New Genesis is off to a slow start, but that’s going to improve with each subsequent major update. Based on the livestream this week that showed off the New Genesis Braver class, as well as other content, August is going to be a decent month.

This update, including the New Genesis Braver class, arrives on August 4. But we’re also getting new uniforms/cosmetics, as well as a new side story (A Melancholy Monument), and a few quality of life features like a visible MAG toggle. Oh and finally, a new Urgent Request (Mining Rig Defense in Central Aelio), which launches on August 18.

The Braver is the core highlight though, as they can swap between a katana and a photon bow on a whim, focusing on close and ranged combat depending on the situation. While other classes can do this now with weapon-swapping, the Braver is built around it, with an interesting and unique array of attacks for each style to boot. I also really dig the way that there are action changes when you use the same Photon Art multiple times: it’s flashy and helps differentiate the Braver from everyone else. It also sports a PP consumption reduction ability. When it hits, I’m definitely going to be leveling one.

With all that said, New Genesis definitely needs even more content over heaps of cosmetics, on top of all the bug chasing they have to do.

Here’s the full announcement video:

And here’s the most relevant bits, with the Braver intro starting at 2:00 in:

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