The Phantasy Star Online team is doing a good job tracking New Genesis bugs so far

New Genesis bugs

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So I’m really enjoying Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis so far, despite the current lack of endgame content. I’m trying to max out several classes (or get pretty close), and it hasn’t gotten old for me yet. A few New Genesis bugs like lag and errant issues have, but thankfully Sega has been pretty vigilant in terms of logging those issues; which looks good for the long term health of the game.

So if you check out the announcements page for Phantasy Star Online, you’ll see any number of bug repair status pages. Anything from freezes to money loss to ability problems are logged here, so if you’re having an issue, it’s worth checking out to see if they’re on the case. Likewise, you can use it as a word of warning to avoid stepping into any problem bugs.

Oh and just in case you missed it, Sega is also running a “PSO Day” celebration through June 23 at 7:59PM ET. It’ll happen on the 21st of every month, but for now, you can get 44 SG and some extra boosts. Sadly, the offer is only for premium members (both forms of PSO 2 offer “subscription-like” premium tiers through the in-game shop).

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