PSA: Pokemon is running a free Victini distribution for a few days

Victini distribution


The next Pokemon event involves a Sword and Shield Victini distribution, fresh off of the recent giveaways involving Ash’s party.

To celebrate the London, England World Championships, The Pokemon Company did a typical broadcast of the code, which is:


While several events were only available for 24 hours or less (by the time people pick up on the code), this thankfully has a few days of lead time. This distribution will run through August 21 at 23:59 UTC, so you do have a bit to find your copy of Pokemon Sword and Shield. That’s actually the day that the World Championship event ends.

We’ve been saying it for a little while now, but this could be one of the final distribution events for Sword and Shield as the door closes on that generation. Scarlet and Violet will take over later in 2022, and although there should be a few initial Sword and Shield distribution events, everything will cycle to the newest gen sometime in 2023.

If you’re interested in attending the event locally, there’s a 2022 Worlds registration page here that has all the information you need. Competition registration is now closed as of August 17, but you can still attend the tournament if you want.

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