You can get Ash’s Dracovish in a Pokemon Sword and Shield distribution

Dracovish distribution

The Dracovish distribution mystery gift code is “GANJ0UAG0882”

A Dracovish distribution is currently underway for Pokemon Sword and Shield, as the game clings to life before Scarlet and Violet come and take all the special event fun away.

The code comes compliments of the Pokemon TV show promo in Japan, where the code was announced during a broadcast. It’s the first code that highlights Ash’s team, and more codes will come later for Dragonite (August 26), Gengar (September 2), Sirfetch’d (September 9), and Lucario (September 16). It’s a neat little promo that also hits a little close to the anime, which is cool. The code is “GANJ0UAG0882,” and you’ll enter it via the mystery gift system.

With that in mind, I hope Nintendo and Game Freak step things up with Scarlet and Violet. These sorts of themed distribution events are really easy to do and should happen way more often. Ideally, none of them will require anyone to step foot in a GameStop! Currently, we’re 1/1 on that, with the aforementioned Pikachu event serving as a basic incentive to just pick the game up before the end of February.

With a lot of the innovations from Pokemon Legends already in everyone’s collective mindset, Scarlet and Violet have a lot to prove; especially when it comes to open-world exploration.

Dracovish distribution 2

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