PS5 has a new toggle to reveal all hidden trophies

PS5 reveal hidden trophies toggle

On a per-game basis

While not as high-profile as 1440p output and folder-esque Game Lists, there’s a somewhat buried new PlayStation 5 feature this week that will come in handy if you’re constantly digging through your trophy lists. With a newly-added toggle, it’s possible to “automatically show information for all hidden trophies” for any given PS5 game.

Instead of inspecting each individual hidden trophy and pressing the Square button to show its name and criteria, you can now flip a switch for a game’s entire trophy list.

As shown in my screenshot up top, you just need to head to your PS5 Trophies section and press the Options button while hovering over a game — you’ll see a “Reveal All” toggle. This PS5-only feature was publicized by YouTuber Mystic (via True Trophies).

I’ll definitely be using this going forward (as long as I don’t forget that it exists). I’ve never been one to care about my overall trophy count — I try to focus on games that are already clicking with me and then pursue the Platinum if it’s remotely reasonable.

It’s nice that game developers can tuck spoilers away inside hidden trophy descriptions, but plenty of people are just going to want to look them up right away, even before the first playthrough is finished. As always, options like this toggle are appreciated.

Also, yeah, I started playing the PS4 version of Resident Evil. It has been sloooow going.

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