Production strategy game Desynced launches on Early Access today

I can’t even program my alarm clock.

Desynced Early Access Header

Forklift Interactive has launched Stage Games Inc’s production strategy game, Desynced, into Steam Early Access today.

Desynced is part automation game, part base-builder, and part RTS. You find yourself stranded on an unknown world and need to manufacture parts to repair your ship. You take command of a horde of drones that you use to extract resources and take them to various facilities to be processed. It bills itself as an “automation game without belts.” There’s a detailed system for programming your drones to work more autonomously, and you can also bring in other players for multiplayer.

Meanwhile, there is also an RTS aspect to Desynced, where you have to protect your factory. That seems like a worthwhile wrinkle to me since being able to diagnose and repair damage to your automated systems sounds pretty fantastic.

While the automated production genre has been seeing a lot of growth in the indie sphere over the last few years, I haven’t taken the dive yet. I’m not entirely sure why. For one thing, it’s a genre that can only really flourish outside of mainstream gaming, which is something I love. I also enjoy management games. I think I’m afraid of getting sucked in and finding myself having difficulty uncoupling when it comes time to play a game for work. That’s a pretty good problem to have.

Desynced is available for PC through Steam Early Access starting today. Stage Games is estimating that it will stay in Early Access for a year before reaching completion.

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