Pre-order RAGE, get the Anarchy Edition with bonus gear

If you pre-order RAGE, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Anarchy Edition at no extra cost. So far this has been announced in the UK and Australia. Confirmation for other territories will hopefully come soon (Edit: It was already confirmed for other territories ten billion years ago. I am a silly person).

Anarchy Edition comes with a set of extra in-game items. Here’s what you can get, with the publisher’s descriptions:


Double Barrel Shotgun
Wasteland settler design and ingenuity! Features compact form factor with plenty of muscle to take out everything from mutants, bandits and maybe even a lone Authority Enforcer.

Crimson Elite Armour
This is the most sought-after armour in the wasteland. Constructed of hardened plate armour, this gear was created specifically to withstand the toughest wasteland battles. It also features larger component storage, allowing you to carry more parts that will aid in the fabrication of advanced engineering items.

Fists of Rage
A classic weapon for close quarters combat. When you’ve run out of ammunition and fists are the only option, these razor sharp knuckle blades will give you that combat edge.

Rat Rod Buggy
Improve your odds of survival in the wasteland with this vehicle that comes equipped with a front smash guard and durable protection.

That’s some stuff. Do you want it? DO YOU!?

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