Pre-order Grand Theft Auto:Chinatown from GameStop get in-game cash ‘upgrade’

GameStop, best known for its tireless pimping of pre-orders and used game sales, has revealed an “exclusive” Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown “upgrade” for those willing to plop five dollars down towards a reservation. 

Brace yourselves — pre-order customers will receive $10,000 in cash from the game’s start. Really? This is they best they could do? Not even an oversized t-shirt or an ugly keychain? Come on guys, you can do better than that!

It’s unclear on how you’ll get that $10,000 in cold, hard, and fake cash from the start of the Nintendo DS game. It’s likely it’ll be in the form of a code which will leak to the Internet two weeks before the game launches. I bet GameStop’s rethinking that whole “oversized shirt” pre-order deal they were considering …


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