Pre-E3 09: What’s the trash/Rabbids Go Home connection?

We admit, when we first saw this little exhibit being put together outside the doors of Los Angeles Convention Center’s South Hall, we thought it was Katamari-related. Honestly, it just looks like a bunch of junk — everything from stuffed animals to an iMac to trash cans — being piled up.

Further investigation reveals that it’s some sort of installation piece for Ubisoft’s upcoming Wii title, Rabbids Go Home. What does it have to do with the game? According to the game’s trailer, it sounds like the Rabbids are collecting stuff — everything and anything, in fact — to build a fort (or… something) to the Moon.

We’d imagine our confusion will be cleared up this week, when we get our hands on the game at E3. We’re also not sure if what Los Angeles needs is a pile of trash sitting on the sidewalk, but far be it from us to question Ubisoft’s marketing department.

Nick Chester