Pong vs Tennis – UPDATED

I was just watching TV and a commercial came on where some dude was playing tennis and his opponent was an actual Pong block. The Pong block is obviously an unstoppable wall of woe, but the human outsmarts the pong block by just tapping the ball over the net so that it double bounces FTW. The commercial sported a link to stoppong.com and there I am one TBS commercial later.It’s actually a game where you play as tennis player Andy Roddick and face off against an actual Pong block. Nothing new at all, but I found it interesting to see a human player face off against a historial gaming icon. The trophy net targets is a clever addition, and it’s also cool that the game’s weird flash code allows you to move and swing even when you’ve left the browser window and gone into another screen on your computer. Although doing so isn’t easy at all, it makes this the perfect gme to play at work, since you could potentially keep playing even after your boss walks in if you are a genius and can solve the trajectory paths of the tennis ball in your head :).UPDATE: After reading this post of Fronz’s, I had remembered there was a cool ad for this in my Macleans magazine (For American readers, Macleans is like Newsweek) and I just had to post some of the stuff from it.There’s a interview with the Pong paddle:And there’s an interesting American Express survey for the Pong paddle too:I thought they were neat and just had to add them in – Faith Naked

Tom Fronczak