Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon are the ‘culmination’ of Game Freak’s work on 3DS

So let’s switch things up

You can go ahead and file this one under “Well yeah!” but here goes anyway: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are said to be Game Freak’s final mainline Pokémon entries developed for Nintendo 3DS.

Director Shigeru Ohmori elaborated in an interview with IGN. “When we were making Pokémon X and Y, we really were trying to push the 3DS system to its absolute limits – which is what we thought we’d done. But when Sun and Moon came around, we completely redesigned the system, and actually ended up pushing the 3DS even further to what we thought was the most we could draw out of it.”

“With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we’ve tried to eke that out more and really, really push the system to its absolute limits, and we’re now feeling that perhaps this is the maximum of what we can get out. So we’re really treating Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon as the culmination of our work with the 3DS system.”

Although next month’s Ultra titles are shaping up to be more interesting than I initially expected, yeah, I am so ready for Game Freak to shift over to Nintendo Switch. Let’s do this thing already.

Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Will Be the Last Pokemon RPGs for 3DS [IGN]

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