There’s going to be another double pack for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet double pack

Also arriving on November 18 with the game

In case you haven’t heardPokemon Scarlet and Violet is confirmed for a November 18, 2022 release date. And in classic franchise fashion, it’s going to have at least one collector’s item/piece of bling for it — and it won’t be the last! I’m talking about the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet double pack.

Depending on the region, the offer varies a bit, but it’s still early yet. Hopefully we’ll get confirmation of some sort of collectible hardware in the future, too. And in a hail Mary-esque situation, something as wacky as the Z-Ring. I’m assuming a fleet of Lechonk plush toys are already being made by the millions as of today.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet double pack info:

So in the UK/Europe, there seems to be a “Golden Dual Game Card SteelBook version,” confirmed by this tweet from Nintendo UK:

In the US, it will be delivered as a standard “Double Pack,” which will be up for pre-order at a later date: “a double pack that includes both games will be available later on the Pokémon Center website and at participating video game retailers.” The official Nintendo store also has a listing for a digital double pack that clocks in at $119.99.

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