Pokemon Scarlet and Violet newcomer Lechonk is already a hit

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Lechonk

Everybody loves Lechonk

A new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet debuted this morning, showing off the new region, professors, and more. One Pokemon has made quite the impact though. The little Hog Pokemon, Lechonk, seems to have taken Pokemon Trainer hearts by storm.

One of several new Pokemon shown off in today’s trailer for Scarlet and Violet, Lechonk is a Normal Type Pokemon. It can use Aroma Veil and Gluttony, and can use its sense of smell to search out Berries.

As shown on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet website, Lechonk is timid and fainthearted, but also strong. It will charge forward if startled, but is also largely built of muscle thanks to its constant search for Berries.

The perfect pig Pokemon

Not long after the trailer went live, social media flooded with mentions of Lechonk. At first glance, it’s a pretty adorable Pokemon, with an immediately endearing design.

As fans quickly noted, Lechonk is a pretty clever name too. “Lechón” refers to a roasted pig dish which, if this is a Spain-themed region like it seems, is a fun play on words. Though we’re hopefully not eating Lechonk like we would Magikarp anytime soon.

Either way, it did not take long for the Lechonk fan club to kick into high gear. Memes immediately started rolling out, reacting to the reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s adorable new addition.

And yes, fan art has also been rolling out pretty fast.

While all the new Pokemon look fantastic (Smoliv and Pawmi are both pretty adorable too), it really does seem like the runaway favorite is Lechonk.

A whole new world

We got some more info about the new region, which doesn’t seem to have a name yet, today too. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have two different professors, with your particular mentor depending on which version you pick.

Alongside the standard new Pokemon, Game Freak and Nintendo also showcased the two legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon. They both look like Dragon Types, and it seems like the general aesthetic version difference will be old-world versus new-world. Plus, it seems like the new Pokemon games are going for full-on co-op, which could be rad if it works well. Given the general ups and downs with Nintendo’s online multiplayer, I’m on the cautiously optimistic side right now.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet sets off for new horizons on Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18, 2022.

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