Pokemon Platinum trailer looks a lot like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

We haven’t heard much about Pokemon Platinum since the initial announcement made in Famitsu back in May. From the scans we’ve seen so far the game appears to be a slightly enhanced remake of Diamond and Pearl, and instead of Palkia or Dialga, will feature Giratina — who will be sporting a new ‘Origin Form’ — as its mascot. Apparently someone went and opened a portal to the Ruined World that Giratina lives in, which has caused the temperature of the Sinnoh region to drop. The lower temp is why the main characters are wearing slightly different outfits.

The new trailer also shows several different mini-games that will be packed in with Platinum, such as air pumping, Mime Jr. ball riding and, uh, food pellet tossing. The sequences that looked the most interesting to me, though, are those of the new gravity-altering area that has the character walking on the walls and ceiling.

Pokemon Platinum is set to release in Japan on September 13, and although no US date has been announced yet, I feel fairly confident that Nintendo wouldn’t miss an opportunity to bring the newest iteration of their money printing franchise to other territories.

Justin Villasenor