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Pokemon Legends: Upgrade your satchel space and expand the store

Here’s a quick rundown

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus is out, and there’s a ton of little tricks to get ahead. Here’s a few pointers on the Pokemon Legends satchel (inventory) situation, as well as how to get a bigger selection of items from the store to fill it with.

Upgrade your satchel space

This one you’ll encounter very early on after one of your first HQ visits in Jubilife Village.

Right near the beginning, at the front of the HQ, an NPC (Bagin) will mention an offhanded remark about upgrading your satchel. Talk to them, and they’ll offer you a satchel upgrade for 100 in-game currency, which is a 1-for-1 trade for a new inventory slot (a single slot). After that he’ll slowly increase his prices to one million dollars for the last (37th) slot.

Just go back when you can (typically after you finish an area and move on to the next bit of story) and continuously upgrade your satchel: you won’t regret it, as you’ll be able to pick up random items in the open world without getting a “full” notice. Remember to come back to a base camp every now and then (it’s a quick fast travel teleport away) and “bank” your items you don’t need in storage. Typically you can just get by with Pokeballs, and a few restorative items. You don’t need to carry around a ton of ingredients.

Remember that there’s more satchel trickery at play, too.

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Expand the store

So this mini questline is really easy to pass up.

To expand the store, you need to deal with the feud between Choy (the general store purveyor outside of the HQ in the main village of Jubilife City), and Tao Hua, the captain of the Supply Corp (who is located in the basement of the HQ building).

Pick up the quest from Choy, who will have a marker over their heads early on in the game. You’ll need to deliver three hearty grains to Tao Hua, in the basement of the HQ, which will in turn grant you new items to buy at Choy’s store (as well as all other expanded stores in the game, including the open world stores). You can get them in the Crimson Mirelands.

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The next step is three pod pods, which can be found in the Cobalt Coastlands.

Then you’ll need to go after three crunchy salts, in Coronet Highlands.

The final step of the quest is three sand radishes from the Alabaster Icelands. After completing this step you can buy ultra balls directly from the store.

You may also be able to get some of these items from the traveling store, which is located near right near your abode (just west of it) in the village. Speak to the vendor on the right and see if they have the quest item in stock.

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