Pokedex 3D coming to the 3DS, will be free

The launch of the 3DS eShop next week will bring with it Pokedex 3D, an app where you can look at all the Pokemon from Pokemon Black and White. Yes, seriously. It sounds a little ridiculous, but hey it’s free so you can’t really complain!

The app features all the Pokemon from Black and White but you only get 16 at the beginning, made up of the starter Pokemon, their evolutions and a few others. To get more Pokemon, you’ll have to either exchange data with others through the app, us SpotPass which connects you to Nintendo’s servers and sends you up to three new Pokemon a day or scan QR codes.

Each Pokemon has an associated QR code and using the Augmented Reality capabilities of the 3DS will make the Pokemon be displayed on whatever surface the code is on. The Pokemon pop out like they’re getting out of a Pokeball and even stand on a Pokeball when you’re looking at it. You can throw objects at the Pokemon to interact with them and take pictures that get saved on to the SD card for easy sharing with the Internets.

Additionally, you’ll be able to view a 3D model of any Pokemon you’ve collected in 3D. True to form, the Pokedex will give you all the data on each Pokemon, from gender, type, abilities and so on. Pokedex 3D even gives you more data not found in the Pokedex from in the games by telling you what level a Pokemon evolves at and learns a move out and what moves a Pokemon can learn.

I played it the other day and it’s a neat little standalone app. I mean, there’s not really much to say. It’s the Pokedex, in playable form and it’s free.

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