Pirates banned for Halloween on 360

Microsoft has come down hard on some pirates this Halloween. No, not the slutty girls in short skirts and low cut pirate blouses or the guys dressed up like Johnny Depp, silly. Gosh, why would you think that unless you constantly think in really bad puns, in which case you lead a terrible life. No, for the past week Microsoft has been banning “a small percentage” of Xbox Live users that had systems that were modded to play pirated games. IGN uncovered the deed after seeing a bit of complaining going on in the Xbox Live forums.

After being contacted, Microsoft had this to say on the rash of complaints, “We have taken action against a small percentage of consoles that have been modified to play pirated game discs. In line with our commitment to combat piracy and support safer and more secure gameplay for the more than 20 million members of our Xbox LIVE community, we are suspending these modded consoles from Xbox LIVE.”

I mean, good for Microsoft. Don’t steal games. Lesson learned. Anyone here banned for their dubious activities?

[Via Hot Blooded Gaming]

Matthew Razak