Physical pre-orders for Cult of the Lamb are now available

For all of the most devout followers

We still have a few months left in the year, but I think it’s fair to say that Cult of the Lamb is one of the most memorable games to come out of 2022. It’s got the perfect balance of roguelike hack-and-slash action and engaging community sim mechanics, all wrapped up in an adorably twisted art style. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I honestly think Cult of the Lamb should be up as a Game of the Year contender, because it managed to blend some of our favorite gameplay mechanics to make one of the most unique titles we’ve seen in a while. If you haven’t gotten around to playing it yet, or you’re just a megafan, then you’re in luck — pre-orders for physical copies Cult of the Lamb are now available for pre-order for PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The pre-orders are open for the US, UK, and AU regions (as well as Spain), and hopefully players in other areas of the world will have access to the Cult of the Lamb physical copies soon. The standard edition of the game comes with special art on the interior of the box, as well as a copy of the original soundtrack (CD for the EU, digital copy for the US), and a soft cover, 104 page art book. Players with the standard physical copy will also be able to download the DLC with their purchase. The price for the retail version of the game is still TBD.

Then there’s the next tier up: the Special Reserve Games Single version for Switch and PS5 that comes with reversible cover art, spot UV treatment on the case, and a 32 page instruction manual with full color art. This version will go for $34.99.

If you really want to spring for something special, there’s also the Special Reserves Edition for both the Switch and PS5 for the collectors out there. Because there are only a limited number of this version, each one comes sequentially numbered. It will also have the reversible cover art and UV spot treatment from the Single version, as well as a fancy collectible box, the instruction manual, a one-in-a-series art card, a digital download of the soundtrack — oh, and it’s signed by the devs. The Special Reserves Edition will run you $49.99, which I honestly think is a pretty good deal considering what you’re getting. The DLC will come on a disk for both of the Special Reserve Games editions.

But wait, there’s more! Fans can also grab a Special Reserve Games hardback art book for $59.99, which has 160 pages of full color art, and also comes signed by the developers. That’s a whole cornucopia of Cult of the Lamb content for fans to feast on, and that doesn’t even include the sold out $224.99 True Believer Edition that came with an adorable lamb plushie.

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